Recent paintings: human / creature hybrids

These are some recent examples of my paintings with a common on-going theme:  all are hybrids of humans with animal attributes, and vice-versa.  Mostly, the ideas are from mythology, (often Ancient Egyptian), or from alchemical imagery, with other ideas and feelings from the depths of my imagination.

Concert at Horse Hospital in London

An evening of sonic adventures, curated by singer/multi-instrumentalist Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities, etc) and cellist/vocalist Jasmine Pender (Rotten Bliss). They shall perform together as ELEVENTH HOUR ADVENTISTS. Guest performers include MISS ROBERTS (Rude Mechanicals) , and SEVEN-HEADED RAVEN. The evening shall feature various exciting collaborations between the various performers.               The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD

Mail order news

Hello!  I can offer CDs and vinyl records by mail-order:

Swell Maps

Television Persoanlities

Jowe Head solo albums

The Demi-Monde


Angel Racing Food

Olives Hairy Custard

If you want to receive a full list, send me a line:

USA Tour Dates

These three dates were played with Eric Cohen (drums), Debby Schwartz (bass), Brian Turner (guitar), Katie Gentile (violin) and Danny Tunick (keyboards).

Further dates were added at:

Galaxy Hut in Arlington, Virginia  (4th April)

The Crown in Baltimore  (7th April)

Marx Cafe in Washington DC  (8th April)

These 3 dates were shows played with Martha Hamilton and John Howard, under the name:  The Fleeting Glimpses of Infinity.


Angel Racing Food

Single  (Little Teddy label: (LiTe750)  2003

“Venus Bigfoot” / “Last Servant” / “World Turned Upside Down”.

Album:  ”ARF” (Topplers label CD: TV015) 2007

World Turned Upside Down

Venus Bigfoot

Last Servant

Ravenous Scavengers*

Butcher Shop Lassie

Clockwork Sparrows*

Film Buff*

Dead Man’s Shoes*

Ketchup Money*


Guinea Pig

Jowe Head (lead vocals, guitar, sound effects etc), Lee McFadden (guitar, vocals), Mick Frangou (drums), Nick Smith (bass, backing vocals on *), Chloe Herrington (alto sax, bassoon), Zoe Gilmore (cello).

Another, later, session was recorded but has hitherto been unreleased:  ”The Moleman of Dalston Town”, “Sweet Anaesthetist”, “Lily Gilders”, “Do The Crustacean”, featuring drummer Jeff Bloom..

Music and Art in Georgia (USA), during October & November 2015.

I currently have a paintings on display at two venues in Athens, Georgia:  KA Art , and at Lo Yo Yo.  Here are some of the pieces on display.  I shall also be playing some music in Georgia next week:

Sun 25-10: Live session at Radio WREK, Atlanta, 10-12pm.

Mon 26-10 Reception at Lo Yo-Yo Record Shop

Wed 28-10: Concert at Hendershots, Athens.

Thur 29-10: Concert at Eyedrum, Atlanta

Fri 30-10: Reception at KA gallery, Athens

Sat 31-10: Wild Rumpus parade / Concert at Flicker, Athens

Art work from “Sacred & Profane” exhibition at Hundred Years gallery, April 2015.

Titles:  ”Saint Kali”,  ”Herr Krampus”,  ”Saint Sheela Na Gig”,  ”Green Man In the City”,  ”Shrine to SaInt Sebastian”.

Jowe Head & The Demi-Monde, live in Camden Town, Friday 28th November

We’ll be playing some grand new tunes from a new project: “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis”, a set of songs about some remarkable artists, namely: Hannah Hoch, Kurt Schwitters, Josef Beuys, Kurt Schwitters, Louise Bourgeois. Expect a good dose of Theremin, analogue synth, bowed saw, cello, and a couple of duets between the divine Catherine Gerbrands and myself.  Also in the line-up:  Tim Bowen (cello), and Ravi Low-Beer (drums).