Swell Maps and the “Solihull Vibe”

Swell Maps and the “Solihull Vibe”

It all started back in 1972.  I was shy teenage schoolboy science-fiction addict, constantly bullied by insane teachers and crazed boys in a madhouse called Solihull School.  I met a kindred spirit called Adrian, who was also into music.  He had started to play with a fellow called David and his younger brother Kevin.  Later we got to know John and Richard.  I got hold of an old acoustic guitar and a Russian balalaika, and proceeded to join in.  The idea seemed perfectly natural and intuitive; we would met at least once every week in various permutations and make a peculiar noise together, while recording what we had played – in order to listen back and marvel at the results.

There were various names, such as Cardboard Giant (Adrian and myself), Myrowe Fall (Adrian and David), Sheep Police (Kevin, John and myself), and Incredible Hulk (David and myself).  The sounds varied from abstract electronic noise to peculiar songs and whimsical tunes.  We had little money, so we bought second-hand guitars and we used radio sets rewired to accept the signal from an electric guitar as amplifiers.  There were also electronic devices made by friends, and percussion fashioned from furniture, kitchen utensils, etcetera.  We’d record onto a cheap portable mono cassette machine and lean towards the built-in microphone when we felt the need to chant or attempt to “sing”.  We did not attempt to cover other peoples’ songs at all; that was not the point.  We did not want to copy other bands, or to sound like anybody else at all!

As the years progressed, we gradually acquired more recognizably professional-type gear, such as elements of a drum-kit and cheap amplifiers from junk shops.  It started to sound louder and more like some monstrous mutation of rock music.  We had a wide range of influences to make our sound unique:  Nikki was into T.Rex, New York Dolls and The Rolling Stones.  Epic loved Gong and Can.  I was into Bowie, Soft Machine, King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator and Captain Beefheart. David was digging Faust, Roxy Music and Stockhausen, John liked Henry Cow and some jazz, and so on.

During 1976, Adrian was mainly in London, busking and reporting back every month on the music scene happening there.  Meanwhile, Kevin and myself were at Solihull Technical College doing the Art Foundation course.  We met up with my old school-mate Kenneth Spiers (aka Spizz), who fancied himself as a singer.  We briefly had a sort of garage band together, and rehearsed together at my local church hall; I remember lugging my amp down to that place in a wheel-barrow from my parents garden!  We started playing Mott The Hoople and Bowie songs.  We later met Spizz again on the Rough Trade label, and he made some great records with his band Spizzernergi.

Adrian was habitually writing loads of clever, catchy songs by this time, and he was developing confidence as a singer.  To a certain extent, the rest of us became inclined towards developing his material with hm, but when he wasn’t around, things were noticeably more experimental, non-vocal, and sometimes down-right weird.  By 1977 we were aware of the punk scene in London, and of Buzzcocks in Manchester, who had released their own single on their own label, which was original and inspiring.  We decided to give it a try as well.  We called our label “Rather”, an abbreviation of “rather rude”, which was a reference to an amusing quote from the droll lips of  Robert Fripp, I recall.  We recorded three tracks in a cheap studio, found an affordable printer and a pressing plant who gave us a good price on a small run of seven inch singles.  Unbelievably exciting!  Even more thrilling was our first play on John Peel’s radio One show, and our first review in a music paper.

Adrian called himself Nikki, Kevin became Epic, David was dubbed Phones, after a character in Stingray – a puppet show on TV.  I became Jowe, after a Brummie expression for “fool”.  It was all very self-effacing, like a satire on more aggressive “punk” names.  We also encouraged others to record with us for the label.  Steve Treatment was a busking pal of Adrian, and we backed him on his 5 songs for an EP.    Gary and Jonathan were two more art students who had a great song called “Zip Nolan”, but no band, so we backed them on two wild tracks for a single.

Soon, remarkably, we were offered a manufacturing and distribution deal with Rough Trade, and by 1978 we had released four singles and an album out, containing highlights from the hours of material that we had recorded.  Rather than keeping Nikki’s more conventional songs and the more experimental side separated, we decided to integrate it all.  This approach confused a lot of people, and some found the  diversity too much to take in.  Others found our style too messy.  However, many people enjoyed what we did and we cultivated a growing number of admirers, thankfully.  We played live in London and around the UK on a regular basis, and even played over the sea in the Netherlands, and lastly made a tour of Italy.  Alas!  We were growing apart, and we were starting to have arguments; the alliance was cracking.  Despite a visit to the USA being planned, we decided to call a halt to it.  Perhaps operating live as an approximation of a “rock band” was not true to our nature, and we all needed to try different styles of expression. The band collectively bought the 4-track TEAC reel-to-reel recorder that we’d recorded most of our records on, from John Rivers at WMRS studio, so we could experiment with our various projects.

We continued to work together, as we had at first, in various pairs and trios.  I recorded a project with Epic, including the Rough Trade single “Rain, Rain, Rain” featuring my friend from Manchester, Carmel McCourt, but the album was never released, the finished tracks being released under my name and that of Swell Maps.  Epic started a separate project with Richard, and also played drums from time to time with Nikki.  David contributed to my recordings, and those of Nikki. In 1980 I inhabited a house in Londesborough Road, Stoke Newington, opposite Richard and Epic, so we were actually neighbours for a while!

Richard made a remarkable album, “The Egg Store Ilk” upstairs at Londesborough Road on our 4-track recorder.  Epic made a memorable single with one of his idols, Robert Wyatt.  He then played drums with ex-Birthday party men Mick Harvey and Rowland Howard in Crime and the City Solution, and again with Roland in These Immortal Souls.  Epic cultivated the haunting, distinctive piano style that he had displayed with Swell Maps, and later developed his fine singing voice and song-writing with a series of solo albums, which are well worth seeking out.

Epic died in 1997; I must admit that I had not met with him for a few years.  Sadly, we had lost contact with each other. Nikki and I played a set of Swell Maps songs together as a tribute to him in Berlin.  The same week, we recorded a version of one his songs, “She Sleeps Alone”, with a great Berlin duo called Vermooste Vloten, which ended up on their excellent second album “Ngongo”.

At this point, Nikki and I managed to stay contact each other more regularly, and make plans together.  We had planned a concert together in Berlin but, alas, he died in New York City in March 2006, only a few days before we were due to meet in Berlin. Nikki led a number of bands, notably The Jacobites, The Last Bandits and The French Revolution, pursuing a prolific recording career, and touring regularly right up to his premature demise.

I played a set of Swell Maps songs at tribute concerts for him in London and in Berlin, with Lee McFadden on guitar and Max Descharnes on drums; we even had the pleasure of Richard joining us on guitar for the London show.  This was a bitter-sweet experience, of course; it was a desperately sad occasion, but it was such a thrill playing those brilliant songs once last time.

Olives Hairy Custard








Original Flavour
Not A Song / Sylvester Road / Cream Of The Crop / Big Chunks
7″ Hollow Planet HOP 5 1998


Olives Hairy Custard
CD on Topplers label  TOP008  (2004)


It Don’t Come Right To Me
Beat Bedsit Records BB5001 (2001)
Includes Necktie.

Compilation CD Falling Uphill
Windless Air Music 071 (2004)
Includes Whipper Snappers.

Lee McFadden and Angel Racing Food

Lee McFadden and Angel Racing Food

I was first introduced to Lee at a gig by The Long Decline at Clissold Park in Stoke Newington in about the year 2000, by their singer Kenny Wisdom. Lee was playing the guitar for Long Decline, I recall; I later ended up playing bass with them for a year or two. Lee is such a tight, organised, inventive player.  I later saw him play a few times with the reborn Alternative TV.  Hmmm, I thought to myself; he seems dependable and adept!

We started up Angel Racing Food (aka: Arf) with my old pal, the energetic drummer Mick Frangou as a 3-piece in 2002.  The aim was to produce deviant noisy pop!  The name was accidental.  I came in to meet them with a story about how an old greyhound-feed shop in Hoxton Street had sadly closed down, and wasn’t it a funny name?  I thought that it might be good in a song, perhaps, but they insisted that it should be the band’s name, and so it was.

Our first song was about another shop, oddly enough.  It was a pair of shops actually:  Venus and Big Foot, sited on Mare Street in Hackney, opposite the end of Graham Road, where the buses turn.  The way that the signs were designed made it look like one whole phrase, so I imagined a fearsome female trogolodite called Venus Bigfoot.  Lee and I sang this as a duet, alternating lines, and discovered that our voices worked very well together, Lee’s tongue-in-cheek tenor harmonising with my guttural baritone.  Last Servant on the same single, recorded at Toerag Studio with Liam Watson, is another great example of our harmonising – an English version of the Everly Brothers after a depraved night on the town, perhaps.

Through Mick, we were very pleased to recruit Chloe Herrington on alto sax and bassoon.  She impressed us with her cheery demenour and wild horn.  Mic’ing up the bassoon was “a bit of a challenge”, and the venue ceilings were sometimes too low to accommodate it, but she managed to overcome these headaches later in great style with her excellent work in the mighty Chrome Hoof.

We conscripted my old pal from The Palookas, Nick Smith, on bass for our album.  His vocal harmonies were also very welcome addition.  Later, Mick left to form Minima, and we invited Jeffrey Bloom (ex-TV Personalities and Househunters) to join.  When Nick left, we also had the benefit of  Marina Young (ex-Long Decline, Shock Headed Peters) joining on bass for a year, until she left, and the remaining core of the band mutated into The Demi-Monde, but that is another story!

Lee and myself also did a few gigs together as a duo in London, Berlin and Hamburg under the name “Head and Shoulders”.  We developed a sort of bizarre cabaret act, singing strange old croony tunes like “Everyones Gone to the Moon”, and “Paper Moon”.  We also had two brief outings as the core of a band playing Swell Maps songs as a tribute for the late  Nikki Sudden.  Both very sad, bleak events for me, in which Lee was very supportive in his quiet way; we managed to turn both evenings into a celebration somehow.  It sounded mighty fine!

As well as his exhaustive factual knowledge of musical facts – and any other trivia, come to think of it – Lee is a splendid humourist, and he is guaranteed to get a room laughing with new topical jokes and various puns and running gags.  His bawdy humour partially hides a tougher side to his character, and he is not to be trifled with, especially anyone bold enough to question the merits of Joy Division’s recorded legacy!

Discography: The Househunters




Jowe Head is credited as Stefan Vogel.  Other members on the recordings:  Mercedes Mole (singing), Lucy the Holey Ghost (sax and vocals), Trudi Holt (synth and piano), Lindsey (bass), Stark Zoomer (aka Jeffrey Bloom – drums and whistling).


Cuticles / Shopping City
12″ 53rd & 3rd (AGARR 2) 1986

Cooler Than Thou / Tell Tale Hearts / Mole In A Hole
12″ 53rd & 3rd (AGARR 11) 1987

Warp Factor 13 / Dorsal Fin
7″ Hollow Planet (HOP 003) 1987


Feeding Frenzy
Hollow Planet – HOLP 001 – 1988

Warp Factor 13
I May Be Mad
Snow Queen
Dorsal Fin
Punch And Judy’s Crocodile
Shopping City
Don’t Look Back
Synthetic Flesh
Splendid Isolation
Mr. Mincemeat
Tell Tale Heart


Let’s Try Another Ideal Guesthouse
LP Shelter SHELTER 2 (1987)

Includes Househunting.
Imminent 5
LP Food Records BITE 5 (1987)

Includes Minotaur.
Censorship Sucks: Jello Aid
LP DDT Records DDT 13 (1987)

Includes Je t’accuse.
53rd & 3rd – Fun While It Lasted
CD Avalanche Records ONLYCD006 (1990)
Also on picture disc vinyl ONLYLP006

Includes Cuticles.
53rd & 3rd – Fun While It Lasted 2
CD Avalanche Records ONLYCD016 (199?)
Includes Cooler Than Thou and I Am A Mole.

He Didn’t Even Draw A Fish On My Shower Curtain
CD Mermaid Records MIRABELL 001 (1992)
Includes Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.

Jowe Head Discography: Solo work and other projects


Jowe Head: Pincer Movement
Hedonics Records – Hedon 5 – 1981

Jowe Head: Strawberry Deutsche Mark
Constrictor – Con 00001 – 1986
(contains tracks from Pincer Movement, plus material from uncompleted Soundtracks & Head LP Daga Daga Daga)

Jowe Head: Personal Organizer
Constrictor – Con 00042 – 1989

Jowe Head: Unhinged
Overground – Over 35 – 1994
(Contains all tracks from Personal Organiser, plus bonus material including live tracks recorded at Hamburg)

Jowe Head: Bobit Juice
Quixotic Records – QX014 – 1996

Jowe Head: From a Parallel Universe
Topplers Records (Top10) 2006

Jowe Head: Pincer Movement
Re-released on CD by Poppydisc – 2010
(features extra tracks, including 3 tracks recorded with Epic Soundtracks)

Jowe Head and the Demi-Monde:  Diabolical Liberties.  Topplers – 2010



SOUNDTRACKS & HEAD:  Rain, Rain, Rain / Ghost Train
12″ Rough Trade RT 104 1982
Note: An LP entitled “Daga Daga Daga” was recorded and planned for release by Rough Trade in 1982, but never appeared. Two tracks recorded for this project were used on Jowe’s solo LP ‘Strawberry Deutsche Mark’. A further six were added to the 1991 Mute CD reissue of the Swell Maps compilation LP “Train Out Of It”.  See also Pincer Movement reissue.

Jowe Head:  The Legendary EP
Constantinople / Frenzy / Marzipan / Exhibition (Coda)
7″ Roman Cabbage (Grey 4)
7″ Get Happy Records (Small 01) 1991
(Joint release project)

Jowe Head:  Merman Blues / Baby Bounce
7″ Topplers Records (Top Ten 002) 2004



All For Art… And Art For All
Whaam! LP BIG 8 (June 1984)  Includes Lolita and February.

10 Years After The Goldrush
Constrictor LP (1987)  Includes Loco Train.

Own Goal
Goalpost Records LP GOAL 1 (1991)
Includes Adnan Khasshoggi / Dolls ‘R’ Nice and Shy Town / Chirpy Cheap.

El Dorado
Roman Cabbage LP Grey 2 (1990)
Includes Constantinople.

Candybars – Soixante Second de l’Avantgarde de la Technique
2×7″ Little Teddy LiTe728 (1995)
Includes Your Baby’s Gone Down The Plughole.

Seek Refuge
Garden of Delights LP GARDEN3 (1995)
Includes On The Inside.  This is a cover of the theme tune of the Australian Soap drama ‘Prisoner: Cell Block H’.

Perverted By Mark E:  A Tribute to The Fall
ZickZack CD ZZ 2008 (2004)
Includes a cover of The Fall’s Choc-Stock.

Falling Uphill
Windless Air Music (2004)
Includes Serpentine.



The Pastels:  Educating Albert
Cassette on Action Tapes (1982)
A compilation tape produced and sold by the band themselves, featuring early demos, rehearsal tracks and live material. Includes live tracks recorded at the Venue in Glasgow, featuring Jowe on bass.

The Pastels: I Wonder Why  7″ Rough Trade RT 137 (1983)
Jowe plays bass on the A-side.

The Pastels:  A Million Tears
12″ Creation CRE011T (1984)
Jowe plays trumpet on the b-side, Baby Honey.

BMX Bandits
What A Wonderful World EP
7″ & 12″ 53rd & 3rd AGARR 006 (1986)
Jowe produced this single, but does not perform on it.

The Bartlebees:  You’re Still Beautiful EP
7″ Little Teddy LiTe710 (1993)
Jowe sings backing vocals on the b-side, Little Teddy.

Vermooste Vloten:  Ngongo
LP Flittchen FLIT 5 (1999)
Jowe contributes vocals and bass on She Sleeps Alone.
Nikki Sudden also plays guitar on this, a cover of an Epic Soundtracks song.

Future Pilot AKA:  Future Pilot AKA vs A Galaxy of Sound
Sulphur Records CD / Dbl LP SULCD/LP001 (1999)
Jowe contributes vocals on Message from Control Tower.

The Long Decline:  Decomposure
Snifin Glue Records SGCD001  (2006)
Jowe plays bass on most tracks.

Valerie and her Week of Wonders
4 track CD
Topplers TV013  (2010)
Jowe plays bass, guitar, harmonium and backing vocals.

The Garment District:
Melody Elder (cassette release) Night People NP144  (2011)
Jowe plays bass on Bird or Bat.

Discography: The Palookas

Jowe Head Discography part 4:


Clear Day / Virginia’s Wolf / Phantom Of The Gaumont
12″ Prophet Records (Profit 11) 1985

Virginia’s Wolf / Take Me Back
7″ Constrictor (Con 00006) 1986

Run Rabbit / Hit The Bottle / Swim Head / Cufflinks
12″ Hollow Planet (HOP 001) 1987

Palookas – Run Rabbit
Spit Like Paint – A Happy Song
7″ Hollow Planet (HOP 001/2) 1987 (promo split-single)


Constrictor – Con 00002 – 1986

Dump     Dump (Mini-LP)
Constrictor – Con 00012 – 1986

Hit The Bottle
Constrictor – Con 00032 – 1988

Historia – Star 9101 – 1991

Classical Music
Constrictor – Con 00039 – 1989


Communicate!!!! Live at Thames Poly
TPSU RECORD 0001 (1985)
Includes Red Letter Day (live).

10 Years After The Goldrush
Constrictor LP (1987)
Includes Virginia’s Wolf.

Jowe Head Discography part 2: The Television Personalities

Jowe Head Discography part 2:
Recorded work with the Television Personalities


How I Learned To Love The Bomb  / Then God Snaps His Fingers / Now You’re Just Being Ridiculous
12″ single on Dreamworld DREAM 4 (January 1986)

How I Learned To Love The Bomb (longer version) / The Grocer’s Daughter / A Girl Called Charity
7″ single on Dreamworld DREAM 10 (November 1986)

Salvador Dali’s Garden Party / The Room At The Top Of The Stairs
7″ Fire BLAZE 37S (October 1989)

Salvador Dali’s Garden Party / The Room At The Top Of The Stairs / This Time There’s No Happy Ending / Part One: Fulfilling The Contractual Obligations
12″ Fire BLAZE 37T (October 1989)

I Still Believe In Magic / Respectable
7″ Caff Corporation CAFF 5 (December 1989)

Strangely Beautiful / Reach For The Stars / Not Even A Maybe / Strangely Beautiful (Chill Out Reprise)
12″ & CDS Fire Blaze 48T (August 1991)

She’s Never Read My Poems (7″ mix) / The Day The Dolphins Leave The Sea /
Christ Knows I Have Tried / She’s Never Read My Poems (12″ mix)
12″ & CDS Fire Blaze 44049 55049 (February 1992)

We Will Be Your Gurus / An Exhibition By Joan Miro / Love Is Better Than War
7″ & CDS Seminal Twang TWANG 15 (July 1992)

Goodnight Mr Spaceman / If I Was Your Girlfriend
7″ Fire Blaze 65 (May 1993)

Goodnight Mr Spaceman / If I Was Your Girlfriend / She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis /
Goodnight Mr Spaceman (Lost In Space mix)
12″ & CDS Fire Blaze 65 (May 1993)

You, Me And Lou Reed / My Imaginary Friend / I Remember Bridget Riley /
I Wish You Could Love Me For What I Am
12″ Fantastic Plastic (FP003) 1993

I’m Not Like Everybody Else / I Hear A New World / I’ve Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me / Whatever Gets You Through The Night
7″ Little Teddy, LiTe 709 (1994)

Time Goes Slowly When You’re Drowning / Meanwhile In A Luxury Dockland Home
7″ Little Teddy, LiTe 716 (1995)

Where’s Jowe Head Now? EP
Constantinople / White Light/White Heat /Part Time Punks / The Man Who Paints The Rainbows
(live in Oslo 1990)   7″ Perfect Pop POP 25 (1996)


Chocolat Art (A Tribute To James Last)
(Live at Forum, Enger 20 September 1984)
LP:  Pastell POW 2 (1985)
CD reissue: Pastell POW 2 (1991)

Fire FIRE 21 (February 1990)
Reissued with cat. no. SFIRE026CD (27 January 2003)

Camping in France
(Live in France 12 December 1985)
Overground OVER21 (August 1991)

Closer To God
Fire FIRE 32 (October 1992)  Double LP
Reissued with cat. no. SFIRE018CD (15 September 2003)

Yes Darling, But Is It Art? (Early Singles & Rarities)
Fire FLIPCD001 (January 1995)
Reissued with cat. no. SFIRE024CD (17 February 2003)

Top Gear
(Live in Osaka, Japan, 6 April 1994 – not 1995 as stated on the sleeve)
Overground OVER48 (March 1996)

Made In Japan
(Live in Tokyo, Japan, 10 April 1994)
Little Teddy BiTe017 (1996)
First 500 copies came with free 7″ consisting
If I Was Your Girlfriend (live) / Salvador Dali’s Garden Party (live) LiTe 729

Mod Is Dead
(Live at Circus Gammelsdorf, Germany, 13th December 1991)
Teenage Kicks Kick LP-14 (1996)
Vinyl LP only, limited to just 30 copies.


Alive In The Living Room
Creation compilation LP CRELP001/CRECD001 (1984)
Includes “A Day In Heaven” (live) and “Three Wishes” (live)

Communicate!!!! Live at Thames Poly
TPSU RECORD 0001 (1985)
Includes “Back to Vietnam” (live)

Oozing Through The Ozone Layer
Compilation cassette issued by Globe Of Bulbs LSD5 (1987)
Includes studio outtakes / demos of “I Don’t Know What To Say” and “Sunshine Tomorrow”

Let’s Try Another Ideal Guesthouse
Compilation LP Shelter SHELTER 2 (1987) Includes “Miracles Take Longer”

Beyond the Wildwood – A Tribute To Syd Barrett
Compilation LP Imaginary ILLUSION 001 (1987)
Includes “Apples and Oranges”

Compilation cassette, Rhythm BAIT 1 (June 1989)
Includes “Me And My Desire”

Then Wallpaper
Compilation cassette, Glut SHOP001 (1989)
Includes live medley of “Godstar / Vicious” (live in Glasgow 1988)

Clawfist singles club #8 7″
Television Personalities “Your Class” b/w BMX Bandits “Someone To Share My Life With” (June 1991)

Communicate!!!! Live at Thames Poly (Reissue)
Overground OVER 28 CD (1992)
Includes “Back to Vietnam” (live)

A Tribute to Daniel Johnston Vol. 1
Includes Television Personalities “Honey I Sure Miss You”
7″ Little Teddy LiTe 707 (1993)

We’re All Normal And We Want Our Freedom: A Tribute To Arthur Lee And Love
Compilation LP / CD Alias A-058 (1994)
Includes “You Are Something”

Seek Refuge
Compilation LP Garden of Delights GARDEN3 (1995)
Includes “How Does It Feel To Be Loved?” (alternate version)

Dreamworld 1985 – 1987
A Compilation of Dan Treacy’s Dreamworld Label
Vinyl Japan CD ASK57 (October 1996)
Includes “How I Learned To Love The Bomb” (longer version), “The Grocer’s Daughter”,
“My Imaginary Friend”, “I Remember Bridget Riley”

Little Teddy CD BiTe025CD (September 2001)
Includes “How Does It Feel To Be Loved?”

Little Teddy CD BiTe035CD (September 2002)
Includes “Whatever Gets You Through The Night”

Falling Uphill
Windless Air Music CD 071 (August 2004)
Includes “Virgin And A Whore”

Thanks to Keg, whose website “A Day in Heaven”  is at www.televisionpersonalities.co.uk

Swell Maps Discography

Swell Maps Discography


Read About Seymour / Ripped And Torn / Black Velvet
7″ Rather Records GEAR ONE 1977
7″ Rough Trade RT 010 1978 (reissue)

Dresden Style / Ammunition Train / Full Moon (Dub)                           7″ Rough Trade RT 012 1978




Real Shocks / English Verse / Monologues
7″ Rough Trade RT 021 1979


Let’s Build A Car / Big Maz In The Country / …Then Poland
7″ Rough Trade RT 036 1979




A Trip To Marineville
Rough Trade – Rough 2 – July 1979                                    LP came with bonus 7″
Reissued by Mute Records in 1989 (MAPS CD 1) with 8 extra tracks.



“Jane From Occupied Europe”                                                                               Rough Trade – Rough 15 – 1980
Reissued by Mute Records in 1989 (MAPS CD 2)                with 8 extra tracks.



Compilation albums, etc:

Whatever Happens Next… (archive material)
Rough Trade – Rough 21 – 1981 (Double LP)

Collision Time
Rough Trade – Rough 41 – 1981
Note: This is a singles compilation, aimed at the US market.

Train Out Of It
Antar Records – Antar 4 – 1986
Note: This is a further collection of unreleased material, plus tracks culled from the singles.
Reissued by Mute Records in 1991 (MAPS CD 3) with 7 extra tracks.

Collision Time Revisited     Collision Time Revisited
Mute Records – 71421 – 1989 (Double LP)

International Rescue
Alive Records – Alive 0035 – 1999

Sweep The Desert
Alive Records – Alive 0041-2 – 2000

Waistrel and Whippersnappers                                                   Overground Records 2006 (archive material)


Members of the Swell Maps played on or produced several contemporary recordings. Here are a selection:

Steve Treatment:  5 A-Sided 45
7″ Rather Records GEAR 2 (1978)

Cult Figures Zip Nolan / Playing With Toys / Zip Dub
7″ Rough Trade RT 020 (1979)
The Cult Figures were Birmingham duo Gary Jones and Jonny Hodgson.
On this, their debut single, they were backed by the Swell Maps:
Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Jowe Head and Richard Earl.

Phones Sportsman Band
I Really Love You EP
7″ Rather Records GEAR 9 (1980)

New Age
New Age / Frames Of Life
7″ Neo London Records PHASE 2 (1980)
Features Nikki Sudden (guitar, backing vocals), Jowe Head (bass, backing vocals).

Thanks to Keg, whose website “A Day in Heaven”  is at www.televisionpersonalities.co.uk
And to Allan at Topplers Records at www.topplers.net
Read the story of the Cult Figures at http://www.cultfigures.co.uk.