Angel Racing Food

Single  (Little Teddy label: (LiTe750)  2003

“Venus Bigfoot” / “Last Servant” / “World Turned Upside Down”.

Album:  ”ARF” (Topplers label CD: TV015) 2007

World Turned Upside Down

Venus Bigfoot

Last Servant

Ravenous Scavengers*

Butcher Shop Lassie

Clockwork Sparrows*

Film Buff*

Dead Man’s Shoes*

Ketchup Money*


Guinea Pig

Jowe Head (lead vocals, guitar, sound effects etc), Lee McFadden (guitar, vocals), Mick Frangou (drums), Nick Smith (bass, backing vocals on *), Chloe Herrington (alto sax, bassoon), Zoe Gilmore (cello).

Another, later, session was recorded but has hitherto been unreleased:  ”The Moleman of Dalston Town”, “Sweet Anaesthetist”, “Lily Gilders”, “Do The Crustacean”, featuring drummer Jeff Bloom..