Recent paintings: human / creature hybrids

These are some recent examples of my paintings with a common on-going theme:  all are hybrids of humans with animal attributes, and vice-versa.  Mostly, the ideas are from mythology, (often Ancient Egyptian), or from folk-lore or from alchemical imagery, with other ideas and feelings from the depths of my imagination.

Concert at Horse Hospital in London

An evening of sonic adventures, curated by singer/multi-instrumentalist Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities, etc) and cellist/vocalist Jasmine Pender (Rotten Bliss). They shall perform together as ELEVENTH HOUR ADVENTISTS. Guest performers include MISS ROBERTS (Rude Mechanicals) , and SEVEN-HEADED RAVEN. The evening shall feature various exciting collaborations between the various performers.               The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD

Mail order news

Hello!  I can offer CDs and vinyl records by mail-order:

Swell Maps

Television Persoanlities

Jowe Head solo albums

The Demi-Monde


Angel Racing Food

Olives Hairy Custard

If you want to receive a full list, send me a line:

USA Tour Dates

These three dates were played with Eric Cohen (drums), Debby Schwartz (bass), Brian Turner (guitar), Katie Gentile (violin) and Danny Tunick (keyboards).

Further dates were added at:

Galaxy Hut in Arlington, Virginia  (4th April)

The Crown in Baltimore  (7th April)

Marx Cafe in Washington DC  (8th April)

These 3 dates were shows played with Martha Hamilton and John Howard, under the name:  The Fleeting Glimpses of Infinity.


Angel Racing Food

Single  (Little Teddy label: (LiTe750)  2003

“Venus Bigfoot” / “Last Servant” / “World Turned Upside Down”.

Album:  ”ARF” (Topplers label CD: TV015) 2007

World Turned Upside Down

Venus Bigfoot

Last Servant

Ravenous Scavengers*

Butcher Shop Lassie

Clockwork Sparrows*

Film Buff*

Dead Man’s Shoes*

Ketchup Money*


Guinea Pig

Jowe Head (lead vocals, guitar, sound effects etc), Lee McFadden (guitar, vocals), Mick Frangou (drums), Nick Smith (bass, backing vocals on *), Chloe Herrington (alto sax, bassoon), Zoe Gilmore (cello).

Another, later, session was recorded but has hitherto been unreleased:  ”The Moleman of Dalston Town”, “Sweet Anaesthetist”, “Lily Gilders”, “Do The Crustacean”, featuring drummer Jeff Bloom..

Music and Art in Georgia (USA), during October & November 2015.

I currently have a paintings on display at two venues in Athens, Georgia:  KA Art , and at Lo Yo Yo.  Here are some of the pieces on display.  I shall also be playing some music in Georgia next week:

Sun 25-10: Live session at Radio WREK, Atlanta, 10-12pm.

Mon 26-10 Reception at Lo Yo-Yo Record Shop

Wed 28-10: Concert at Hendershots, Athens.

Thur 29-10: Concert at Eyedrum, Atlanta

Fri 30-10: Reception at KA gallery, Athens

Sat 31-10: Wild Rumpus parade / Concert at Flicker, Athens

Art work from “Sacred & Profane” exhibition at Hundred Years gallery, April 2015.

Titles:  ”Saint Kali”,  ”Herr Krampus”,  ”Saint Sheela Na Gig”,  ”Green Man In the City”,  ”Shrine to SaInt Sebastian”.

Jowe Head & The Demi-Monde, live in Camden Town, Friday 28th November

We’ll be playing some grand new tunes from a new project: “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis”, a set of songs about some remarkable artists, namely: Hannah Hoch, Kurt Schwitters, Josef Beuys, Kurt Schwitters, Louise Bourgeois. Expect a good dose of Theremin, analogue synth, bowed saw, cello, and a couple of duets between the divine Catherine Gerbrands and myself.  Also in the line-up:  Tim Bowen (cello), and Ravi Low-Beer (drums).