Recent paintings: human / creature hybrids

These are some recent examples of my paintings with a common on-going theme:  all are hybrids of humans with animal attributes, and vice-versa.  Mostly, the ideas are from mythology, (often Ancient Egyptian), or from folk-lore or from alchemical imagery, with other ideas and feelings from the depths of my imagination.

Music and Art in Georgia (USA), during October & November 2015.

I currently have a paintings on display at two venues in Athens, Georgia:  KA Art , and at Lo Yo Yo.  Here are some of the pieces on display.  I shall also be playing some music in Georgia next week:

Sun 25-10: Live session at Radio WREK, Atlanta, 10-12pm.

Mon 26-10 Reception at Lo Yo-Yo Record Shop

Wed 28-10: Concert at Hendershots, Athens.

Thur 29-10: Concert at Eyedrum, Atlanta

Fri 30-10: Reception at KA gallery, Athens

Sat 31-10: Wild Rumpus parade / Concert at Flicker, Athens

Art work from “Sacred & Profane” exhibition at Hundred Years gallery, April 2015.

Titles:  ”Saint Kali”,  ”Herr Krampus”,  ”Saint Sheela Na Gig”,  ”Green Man In the City”,  ”Shrine to SaInt Sebastian”.

New paintings from spring 2014

Two paintings inspired by time spent in Berlin in August 2013.  “Bronze Snake”  derived from a painting I saw in an old church, which referred to an Old Testament passage in The Book of Numbers.  As I understood it, it seemed to be about God getting so fed up with his Chosen People, that he disowned them and abandoned them to worshiping a metallic serpent.   “An Apple and an Egg” refers to a conversation that I had with German friends; one of them, Ruth, came from Bavaria.  she told me that she remembered a time when the cost of living was more affordable:  the price of an apple and an egg.  I replied that in English there is an expression for an expensive item, that it cost “an arm and a leg”, so I decided combine the two idioms.

Exhibitions, etcetera: 1994 – 2014

“Library of Obscure Wonders”: Group exhibition, 100 Years Gallery, Shoreditch.(Feb 2014)
“Magick”:  Group exhibition, Brighton Open House.  (Nov 2013)
“ACUK”:  Group exhibition, Augsberg.    (Oct 2013)
“Black Xmas”: Group exhibition, Signal Gallery, Shoreditch, London.  (Nov 2012)
“Punk and Beyond”: Group exhibition, Signal Gallery, Shoreditch, London.  (Nov 2011)
Solo exhibition, The Cake Shop, New York City.   (Apr 2011)
Solo exhibition, Sutton House (National Trust), Hackney, London.  (Oct 2010)
Group exhibition, Galerie Borchardt, Hamburg.   (Oct 2009)
Group exhibition, Art Upstairs Gallery, Phoenicia, New York State.  (May 2008)
Solo exhibition, The Cake Shop, New York City  (Apr 2008)
Solo exhibition, Praxis Hagen gallery, Berlin   (Apr 2007)
Solo exhibition, Sutton House (National Trust), Hackney, London  (Aug 2006)
Group exhibition, Praxis Hagen gallery, Berlin  (Apr 2006)
Group exhibition, Cordwainers College, London E8   (summer 2005)
Solo exhibition, Intoxica Records, London W11   (summer 2004)
Group exhibition, Brighton Festival   (May 2003)
Group exhibition, “Art Not War”, Conway Hall, London  (Autumn 2002)
Group exhibition, The Foundry, London EC1  (August 2000)
Solo exhibition, Springfield Park Gallery, London E5 (Summer 1998)
“Straw God”:  Street sculpture installation, Stoke Newington Festival, London. (June 1997)
Lord Mayor’s Show: construction of giant figures  (Autumn 1996)
Solo exhibition, Chats Palace Arts Centre, London E9  (Spring 1996)
Construction of sculptures for float, and masks: Notting Hill Carnival  (Summer 1995)
“Flight-Paths to Each Other”, Group exhibition, Glasgow / Edinburgh  (1994)

A pair of mythological paintings from 2013

“Welcome” and “Nut and Geb”  (both 2013).  “Welcome” depicts young lovers cautiously entering the “Mouth of Hell” described in Medieval literature, while “Nut and Geb” depicts the Ancient Egyptian myth of the creation of the world, showing the siblings of earth and sky being reluctantly forced apart.

Mandala paintings

“Mermandala” (2010), and “Mandaladnam” (2013):  (both mixed media)

Paintings using imagery from the world of Alchemy

Two paintings using imagery drawn from studies of alchemy in medieval  times.

Left:  ” Midnight in the Garden of Eden”, and right: ” Heaven or Hell?”