Discography: The Househunters




Jowe Head is credited as Stefan Vogel.  Other members on the recordings:  Mercedes Mole (singing), Lucy the Holey Ghost (sax and vocals), Trudi Holt (synth and piano), Lindsey (bass), Stark Zoomer (aka Jeffrey Bloom – drums and whistling).


Cuticles / Shopping City
12″ 53rd & 3rd (AGARR 2) 1986

Cooler Than Thou / Tell Tale Hearts / Mole In A Hole
12″ 53rd & 3rd (AGARR 11) 1987

Warp Factor 13 / Dorsal Fin
7″ Hollow Planet (HOP 003) 1987


Feeding Frenzy
Hollow Planet – HOLP 001 – 1988

Warp Factor 13
I May Be Mad
Snow Queen
Dorsal Fin
Punch And Judy’s Crocodile
Shopping City
Don’t Look Back
Synthetic Flesh
Splendid Isolation
Mr. Mincemeat
Tell Tale Heart


Let’s Try Another Ideal Guesthouse
LP Shelter SHELTER 2 (1987)

Includes Househunting.
Imminent 5
LP Food Records BITE 5 (1987)

Includes Minotaur.
Censorship Sucks: Jello Aid
LP DDT Records DDT 13 (1987)

Includes Je t’accuse.
53rd & 3rd – Fun While It Lasted
CD Avalanche Records ONLYCD006 (1990)
Also on picture disc vinyl ONLYLP006

Includes Cuticles.
53rd & 3rd – Fun While It Lasted 2
CD Avalanche Records ONLYCD016 (199?)
Includes Cooler Than Thou and I Am A Mole.

He Didn’t Even Draw A Fish On My Shower Curtain
CD Mermaid Records MIRABELL 001 (1992)
Includes Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.