Jowe Head Discography: Solo work and other projects


Jowe Head: Pincer Movement
Hedonics Records – Hedon 5 – 1981

Jowe Head: Strawberry Deutsche Mark
Constrictor – Con 00001 – 1986
(contains tracks from Pincer Movement, plus material from uncompleted Soundtracks & Head LP Daga Daga Daga)

Jowe Head: Personal Organizer
Constrictor – Con 00042 – 1989

Jowe Head: Unhinged
Overground – Over 35 – 1994
(Contains all tracks from Personal Organiser, plus bonus material including live tracks recorded at Hamburg)

Jowe Head: Bobit Juice
Quixotic Records – QX014 – 1996

Jowe Head: From a Parallel Universe
Topplers Records (Top10) 2006

Jowe Head: Pincer Movement
Re-released on CD by Poppydisc – 2010
(features extra tracks, including 3 tracks recorded with Epic Soundtracks)

Jowe Head and the Demi-Monde:  Diabolical Liberties.  Topplers – 2010



SOUNDTRACKS & HEAD:  Rain, Rain, Rain / Ghost Train
12″ Rough Trade RT 104 1982
Note: An LP entitled “Daga Daga Daga” was recorded and planned for release by Rough Trade in 1982, but never appeared. Two tracks recorded for this project were used on Jowe’s solo LP ‘Strawberry Deutsche Mark’. A further six were added to the 1991 Mute CD reissue of the Swell Maps compilation LP “Train Out Of It”.  See also Pincer Movement reissue.

Jowe Head:  The Legendary EP
Constantinople / Frenzy / Marzipan / Exhibition (Coda)
7″ Roman Cabbage (Grey 4)
7″ Get Happy Records (Small 01) 1991
(Joint release project)

Jowe Head:  Merman Blues / Baby Bounce
7″ Topplers Records (Top Ten 002) 2004



All For Art… And Art For All
Whaam! LP BIG 8 (June 1984)  Includes Lolita and February.

10 Years After The Goldrush
Constrictor LP (1987)  Includes Loco Train.

Own Goal
Goalpost Records LP GOAL 1 (1991)
Includes Adnan Khasshoggi / Dolls ‘R’ Nice and Shy Town / Chirpy Cheap.

El Dorado
Roman Cabbage LP Grey 2 (1990)
Includes Constantinople.

Candybars – Soixante Second de l’Avantgarde de la Technique
2×7″ Little Teddy LiTe728 (1995)
Includes Your Baby’s Gone Down The Plughole.

Seek Refuge
Garden of Delights LP GARDEN3 (1995)
Includes On The Inside.  This is a cover of the theme tune of the Australian Soap drama ‘Prisoner: Cell Block H’.

Perverted By Mark E:  A Tribute to The Fall
ZickZack CD ZZ 2008 (2004)
Includes a cover of The Fall’s Choc-Stock.

Falling Uphill
Windless Air Music (2004)
Includes Serpentine.



The Pastels:  Educating Albert
Cassette on Action Tapes (1982)
A compilation tape produced and sold by the band themselves, featuring early demos, rehearsal tracks and live material. Includes live tracks recorded at the Venue in Glasgow, featuring Jowe on bass.

The Pastels: I Wonder Why  7″ Rough Trade RT 137 (1983)
Jowe plays bass on the A-side.

The Pastels:  A Million Tears
12″ Creation CRE011T (1984)
Jowe plays trumpet on the b-side, Baby Honey.

BMX Bandits
What A Wonderful World EP
7″ & 12″ 53rd & 3rd AGARR 006 (1986)
Jowe produced this single, but does not perform on it.

The Bartlebees:  You’re Still Beautiful EP
7″ Little Teddy LiTe710 (1993)
Jowe sings backing vocals on the b-side, Little Teddy.

Vermooste Vloten:  Ngongo
LP Flittchen FLIT 5 (1999)
Jowe contributes vocals and bass on She Sleeps Alone.
Nikki Sudden also plays guitar on this, a cover of an Epic Soundtracks song.

Future Pilot AKA:  Future Pilot AKA vs A Galaxy of Sound
Sulphur Records CD / Dbl LP SULCD/LP001 (1999)
Jowe contributes vocals on Message from Control Tower.

The Long Decline:  Decomposure
Snifin Glue Records SGCD001  (2006)
Jowe plays bass on most tracks.

Valerie and her Week of Wonders
4 track CD
Topplers TV013  (2010)
Jowe plays bass, guitar, harmonium and backing vocals.

The Garment District:
Melody Elder (cassette release) Night People NP144  (2011)
Jowe plays bass on Bird or Bat.