Jowe Head Discography part 2: The Television Personalities

Jowe Head Discography part 2:
Recorded work with the Television Personalities


How I Learned To Love The Bomb  / Then God Snaps His Fingers / Now You’re Just Being Ridiculous
12″ single on Dreamworld DREAM 4 (January 1986)

How I Learned To Love The Bomb (longer version) / The Grocer’s Daughter / A Girl Called Charity
7″ single on Dreamworld DREAM 10 (November 1986)

Salvador Dali’s Garden Party / The Room At The Top Of The Stairs
7″ Fire BLAZE 37S (October 1989)

Salvador Dali’s Garden Party / The Room At The Top Of The Stairs / This Time There’s No Happy Ending / Part One: Fulfilling The Contractual Obligations
12″ Fire BLAZE 37T (October 1989)

I Still Believe In Magic / Respectable
7″ Caff Corporation CAFF 5 (December 1989)

Strangely Beautiful / Reach For The Stars / Not Even A Maybe / Strangely Beautiful (Chill Out Reprise)
12″ & CDS Fire Blaze 48T (August 1991)

She’s Never Read My Poems (7″ mix) / The Day The Dolphins Leave The Sea /
Christ Knows I Have Tried / She’s Never Read My Poems (12″ mix)
12″ & CDS Fire Blaze 44049 55049 (February 1992)

We Will Be Your Gurus / An Exhibition By Joan Miro / Love Is Better Than War
7″ & CDS Seminal Twang TWANG 15 (July 1992)

Goodnight Mr Spaceman / If I Was Your Girlfriend
7″ Fire Blaze 65 (May 1993)

Goodnight Mr Spaceman / If I Was Your Girlfriend / She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis /
Goodnight Mr Spaceman (Lost In Space mix)
12″ & CDS Fire Blaze 65 (May 1993)

You, Me And Lou Reed / My Imaginary Friend / I Remember Bridget Riley /
I Wish You Could Love Me For What I Am
12″ Fantastic Plastic (FP003) 1993

I’m Not Like Everybody Else / I Hear A New World / I’ve Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me / Whatever Gets You Through The Night
7″ Little Teddy, LiTe 709 (1994)

Time Goes Slowly When You’re Drowning / Meanwhile In A Luxury Dockland Home
7″ Little Teddy, LiTe 716 (1995)

Where’s Jowe Head Now? EP
Constantinople / White Light/White Heat /Part Time Punks / The Man Who Paints The Rainbows
(live in Oslo 1990)   7″ Perfect Pop POP 25 (1996)


Chocolat Art (A Tribute To James Last)
(Live at Forum, Enger 20 September 1984)
LP:  Pastell POW 2 (1985)
CD reissue: Pastell POW 2 (1991)

Fire FIRE 21 (February 1990)
Reissued with cat. no. SFIRE026CD (27 January 2003)

Camping in France
(Live in France 12 December 1985)
Overground OVER21 (August 1991)

Closer To God
Fire FIRE 32 (October 1992)  Double LP
Reissued with cat. no. SFIRE018CD (15 September 2003)

Yes Darling, But Is It Art? (Early Singles & Rarities)
Fire FLIPCD001 (January 1995)
Reissued with cat. no. SFIRE024CD (17 February 2003)

Top Gear
(Live in Osaka, Japan, 6 April 1994 – not 1995 as stated on the sleeve)
Overground OVER48 (March 1996)

Made In Japan
(Live in Tokyo, Japan, 10 April 1994)
Little Teddy BiTe017 (1996)
First 500 copies came with free 7″ consisting
If I Was Your Girlfriend (live) / Salvador Dali’s Garden Party (live) LiTe 729

Mod Is Dead
(Live at Circus Gammelsdorf, Germany, 13th December 1991)
Teenage Kicks Kick LP-14 (1996)
Vinyl LP only, limited to just 30 copies.


Alive In The Living Room
Creation compilation LP CRELP001/CRECD001 (1984)
Includes “A Day In Heaven” (live) and “Three Wishes” (live)

Communicate!!!! Live at Thames Poly
TPSU RECORD 0001 (1985)
Includes “Back to Vietnam” (live)

Oozing Through The Ozone Layer
Compilation cassette issued by Globe Of Bulbs LSD5 (1987)
Includes studio outtakes / demos of “I Don’t Know What To Say” and “Sunshine Tomorrow”

Let’s Try Another Ideal Guesthouse
Compilation LP Shelter SHELTER 2 (1987) Includes “Miracles Take Longer”

Beyond the Wildwood – A Tribute To Syd Barrett
Compilation LP Imaginary ILLUSION 001 (1987)
Includes “Apples and Oranges”

Compilation cassette, Rhythm BAIT 1 (June 1989)
Includes “Me And My Desire”

Then Wallpaper
Compilation cassette, Glut SHOP001 (1989)
Includes live medley of “Godstar / Vicious” (live in Glasgow 1988)

Clawfist singles club #8 7″
Television Personalities “Your Class” b/w BMX Bandits “Someone To Share My Life With” (June 1991)

Communicate!!!! Live at Thames Poly (Reissue)
Overground OVER 28 CD (1992)
Includes “Back to Vietnam” (live)

A Tribute to Daniel Johnston Vol. 1
Includes Television Personalities “Honey I Sure Miss You”
7″ Little Teddy LiTe 707 (1993)

We’re All Normal And We Want Our Freedom: A Tribute To Arthur Lee And Love
Compilation LP / CD Alias A-058 (1994)
Includes “You Are Something”

Seek Refuge
Compilation LP Garden of Delights GARDEN3 (1995)
Includes “How Does It Feel To Be Loved?” (alternate version)

Dreamworld 1985 – 1987
A Compilation of Dan Treacy’s Dreamworld Label
Vinyl Japan CD ASK57 (October 1996)
Includes “How I Learned To Love The Bomb” (longer version), “The Grocer’s Daughter”,
“My Imaginary Friend”, “I Remember Bridget Riley”

Little Teddy CD BiTe025CD (September 2001)
Includes “How Does It Feel To Be Loved?”

Little Teddy CD BiTe035CD (September 2002)
Includes “Whatever Gets You Through The Night”

Falling Uphill
Windless Air Music CD 071 (August 2004)
Includes “Virgin And A Whore”

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