Mail order news

Hello!  I can offer CDs and vinyl records by mail-order:

Swell Maps

Television Persoanlities

Jowe Head solo albums

The Demi-Monde


Angel Racing Food

Olives Hairy Custard

If you want to receive a full list, send me a line:

USA Tour Dates

These three dates were played with Eric Cohen (drums), Debby Schwartz (bass), Brian Turner (guitar), Katie Gentile (violin) and Danny Tunick (keyboards).

Further dates were added at:

Galaxy Hut in Arlington, Virginia  (4th April)

The Crown in Baltimore  (7th April)

Marx Cafe in Washington DC  (8th April)

These 3 dates were shows played with Martha Hamilton and John Howard, under the name:  The Fleeting Glimpses of Infinity.


Art work from “Sacred & Profane” exhibition at Hundred Years gallery, April 2015.

Titles:  ”Saint Kali”,  ”Herr Krampus”,  ”Saint Sheela Na Gig”,  ”Green Man In the City”,  ”Shrine to SaInt Sebastian”.

Mid-summer invocation at Hundred Years Gallery, 22June 2014

With my band The Demi-Monde, I led a procession and invocation to the sun outside Hundred Years Gallery, at the recent solstice weekend, followed by a concert inside the gallery.  I had made a totem-pole sculpture, and wrote a poem especially for the occasion: “Long Live the Sun”, which we used in the procession.   In the concert, we also performed another new piece called “King of the Corn”, based on the traditional song “John Barleycorn Must Die”.

Guest performers were Rotten Bliss (aka: cellist / vocalist Jasmine Pender)  and Quimper, an electronic duo.                                       All photos by Mary Lemley

A pair of mythological paintings from 2013

“Welcome” and “Nut and Geb”  (both 2013).  “Welcome” depicts young lovers cautiously entering the “Mouth of Hell” described in Medieval literature, while “Nut and Geb” depicts the Ancient Egyptian myth of the creation of the world, showing the siblings of earth and sky being reluctantly forced apart.

Mandala paintings

“Mermandala” (2010), and “Mandaladnam” (2013):  (both mixed media)

New album from Jowe Head and the Demi-Monde

“Confessions from the Twisted Tower”
Album available now on CD from the Topplers label

The album is now available in downloadable form through the usual suspects:  Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, etc. 

Here are the featured musicians on these tracks: Catherine Gerbrands (xylophone, autoharp, bowed saw, vocals), Tim Bowen (cello), Ravi-Low-Beer (drums), Nicky Heinen (flute), Phil Martin (violin), Lee McFadden (bass guitar), Trevor Davies (drums).

Now I aim to get it out on vinyl on long-playing record, so watch this space!


ACUK festival in Augsberg, October 2013

I’ve been invited to participate in a two-week festival of Musik and Art at Augsberg in Southern Germany, featuring myself and The Demi-Monde performing live on stage on Friday 4th October, plus 8 of my paintings, some of which have never been exhibited before!  We shall be performing, for the first time, a song by Bertoldt Brecht, since Augsberg was his home town.