Light & Shadow Salon event at The Horse Hospital





Dear friends of the Salon,

a happy new 2013 to you all! I hope the crossing was fruitful, inspiring, and that it fired your minds into a frenzy of determination and resolution for the new year.
Here at the Light & Shadow Salon we’ve kept the embers glowing while we wandered off awhile to gather new ideas, new stories, discovering new ways of looking through our own very eyes.
This glorious, lucky 13 year begun for us with a strong desire to build, to commit ourselves to the communal task of nurturing the minds, quickening the bodies, sharpening the thoughts, fueling the conversations, with greater vision and even greater courage. We want to continue to provide a place for us all to share the art that we make, with great pride and often under very difficult circumstances, but that nevertheless keeps us afloat in dark times, and reminds us constantly of what our responsibilities are as artists, as citizens, as sentient human beings, no matter how hard the times may be.
We have many surprises in store for the months ahead, including a publication and a festival, and I am very excited to share this all with you as the year develops.
To begin with, for this month’s Salon I would like to invite you all to bring something to share with us, whether a film or a poem, a thought or an observation, a drawing or a song, anything that reflects your feelings as we begin again, a resolution for the new year.

Here is an excerpt from a text written by composer John Zorn as a preface to his ARCANA books (the full text will be one of the offerings at this month’s Salon) that might put you in the right mood:

“Our present culture is in chaos, riddled with corruption, greed and materialism. A rite of passage is necessary to break from this maelstrom, to gain contact and remain in accord with the ancient continuum of creativity that gives true meaning and order to the universe. Art is one form of such a discipline. It is a sacred trust, and to honour it one must endure hardship and make personal sacrifices. The Dark Ages is a time for coming together, and often Art and Music can function as a call to arms.”

In this spirit I invite you to join us, and reignite the embers into full-fledged flames, more than ever we need this fire burning vigorous and strong in this long, dark winter we’re in.


doors open at 7.30, screening begins at 8pm prompt

The Horse Hospital
30 Colonnade, Bloomsbury
London, WC1N 1JD

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