Swell Maps Discography

Swell Maps Discography


Read About Seymour / Ripped And Torn / Black Velvet
7″ Rather Records GEAR ONE 1977
7″ Rough Trade RT 010 1978 (reissue)

Dresden Style / Ammunition Train / Full Moon (Dub)                           7″ Rough Trade RT 012 1978




Real Shocks / English Verse / Monologues
7″ Rough Trade RT 021 1979


Let’s Build A Car / Big Maz In The Country / …Then Poland
7″ Rough Trade RT 036 1979




A Trip To Marineville
Rough Trade – Rough 2 – July 1979                                    LP came with bonus 7″
Reissued by Mute Records in 1989 (MAPS CD 1) with 8 extra tracks.



“Jane From Occupied Europe”                                                                               Rough Trade – Rough 15 – 1980
Reissued by Mute Records in 1989 (MAPS CD 2)                with 8 extra tracks.



Compilation albums, etc:

Whatever Happens Next… (archive material)
Rough Trade – Rough 21 – 1981 (Double LP)

Collision Time
Rough Trade – Rough 41 – 1981
Note: This is a singles compilation, aimed at the US market.

Train Out Of It
Antar Records – Antar 4 – 1986
Note: This is a further collection of unreleased material, plus tracks culled from the singles.
Reissued by Mute Records in 1991 (MAPS CD 3) with 7 extra tracks.

Collision Time Revisited     Collision Time Revisited
Mute Records – 71421 – 1989 (Double LP)

International Rescue
Alive Records – Alive 0035 – 1999

Sweep The Desert
Alive Records – Alive 0041-2 – 2000

Waistrel and Whippersnappers                                                   Overground Records 2006 (archive material)


Members of the Swell Maps played on or produced several contemporary recordings. Here are a selection:

Steve Treatment:  5 A-Sided 45
7″ Rather Records GEAR 2 (1978)

Cult Figures Zip Nolan / Playing With Toys / Zip Dub
7″ Rough Trade RT 020 (1979)
The Cult Figures were Birmingham duo Gary Jones and Jonny Hodgson.
On this, their debut single, they were backed by the Swell Maps:
Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Jowe Head and Richard Earl.

Phones Sportsman Band
I Really Love You EP
7″ Rather Records GEAR 9 (1980)

New Age
New Age / Frames Of Life
7″ Neo London Records PHASE 2 (1980)
Features Nikki Sudden (guitar, backing vocals), Jowe Head (bass, backing vocals).

Thanks to Keg, whose website “A Day in Heaven”  is at www.televisionpersonalities.co.uk
And to Allan at Topplers Records at www.topplers.net
Read the story of the Cult Figures at http://www.cultfigures.co.uk.

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